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A Call To Justice

A Call To Justice

Gunslinger Sarah Sawyer has overcome her demons, vengeance-seeking relatives, and a loner streak as wide as the horizon to settle down out west with her partner, Jo.

But peace seems too much to ask for with the influx of new settlers, illness, and brazen thefts stirring tensions.

Love By Design

What happens when the thin veil of perfection becomes riddled with holes?

S.W. Andersen’s modern day romance takes you on a journey of self-discovery for two women who thought they had it all.

Love Doctor kindle cover final

The Love Doctor

S.W. Andersen delivers a heartwarming story about the healing power of opening oneself up to love after loss.

The Price of Payback

Book 2 of the Sarah Sawyer series:

Payback comes with a price.

Can Sarah pull herself back from the depths or will the harsh world of the old west finally break her?

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"Somewhere Between Love and Justice" cover art by Cindy Bamford

Somewhere Between Love and Justice

Book 1 of the Sarah Sawyer Series

When Sarah’s path takes a disastrous turn, the gunslinger has to decide if she will open herself up to love or let her thirst for vengeance lead her down a path of no return.

Choosing between love and justice was never part of her plan.


Life is full of twists and turns.

Will love be enough? Or will life’s little switchbacks send them both careening off course?

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This Time

Will these two souls rediscover an epic love?

Or are they destined to forever be star-crossed lovers?

This romance is a must read for every true romantic who believes love knows no bounds.