Somewhere Between Love and Justice

Book 1 of the Sarah Sawyer Series:

Sarah Sawyer has spent the last ten years reliving a nightmare. Stripped of her innocence at the tender age of thirteen, she’s grown into a woman with nothing to lose and one thing on her mind.


With her horse, her guns and a plan, the gunslinger takes to the trails of the old west in search of those who wronged her family. A trusted friend shares the quest for justice, but wants so much more. However, another silently holds Sarah’s heart.

Little does Sarah know, the woman, Jo, who graces her dreams has a past of her own and has spent the last year wishing for the return of the mysterious gunslinger who stole her heart.

When Sarah’s path takes a disastrous turn, the pair reunite. Now the gunslinger has to decide if she will open herself up to love or let her thirst for vengeance lead her down a path of no return.

Choosing between love and justice was never part of her plan.


Co-editor and cover designer: Cindy Bamford @cindyB1017


Somewhere Between Love and Justice by SW Andersen is… so good.

Wow this book was good! From the beginning to the end it sucks you right in. Read it I dare you! And DON’T READ AHEAD. Our reviewer Tara does that and that’s a horrible thing to do.

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