Sapphic romances where love knows no boundaries

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From old west gunslingers to a love that transcends time and space, S.W. Andersen offers a variety of romantic adventures, including the Amazon best selling lesbian romances, Love By Design, and Switchback.

Having been raised by her mother, a strong female character in her own right, she has always been attracted to stories that depicted independent, determined, capable women. A romantic at heart, her characters are rooted in hope and perseverance. She has spent a large part of her life around horses and rodeos and has always had an affinity for the cowgirl lifestyle. Her love of the mountains, westerns and stories involving strong female characters were the driving forces behind the Sarah Sawyer series.

When she isn’t working or writing, she enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with her wife, Dianna. They share their ten acres in rural Florida with a rambunctious crew of two dogs, four cats and two horses.


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SCRIPTS: “Somewhere Between Love and Justice” Winner at Women’s Film and Script Showcase 2018.

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LISTEN to S.W. Andersen read a selection from “Somewhere Between Love and Justice”



LISTEN to S.W. Andersen read a selection from “Love By Design”









LISTEN to  S.W. Andersen read a selection from “Switchback.”


 LISTEN to S.W. Andersen read a selection from “The Price of Payback.”

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