Meet Marshal Jessie Walker of “Somewhere Between love and Justice”

If you’ve caught my last two blogs where I’ve been revealing little snippets from “Somewhere Between Love and Justice,” then you’ve met the heroine, gunslinger Sarah Sawyer, and the saloon owner, Jo Porter. Today I introduce U.S. Marshal Jessie Walker. She too has a past and her present carries an twist. When the three characters finally come together, life for them will get a whole lot more interesting.


I stepped into the entrance of the sheriff’s office and looked around. There was no one in sight, so I knocked on the open door. A man peeked out from a back room, looked me up and down then hid behind the wall again. His hair was tussled. Maybe I’d woken him up. I laughed to myself and shook my head. Always the same in the small towns.
“Hold on. I’m a comin’,” he called out. Several seconds ticked by before he walked out, putting on his best air of authority. “Hello, Sheriff Carter Hamilton, pleased to meet you Marshal…?” He tipped his hat.
“Enough with the formalities, call me Jessie. I just got into town and I wanted to check in and see if there’s any important news I might’ve missed.”
“Okay.” He seemed frazzled by my gruffness. “Well, nothin’ new really. There were a few killings reported a few weeks ago between Challis and Red Lodge.” He pointed the direction of the towns. The same way I’d come from. “But all’s peaceful here.” The sheriff smiled with pride, letting his eyes wander down my body.
So typical.
I cleared my throat, snapping Carter out of his lust filled daze.
He coughed with embarrassment and met my eyes.
I crossed my arms and gave him a knowing grin. “Good to hear. I wanted to give ya the courtesy of stoppin’ in since I’m was town. If you need anythin’…”
“’Preciate that. Will ya be staying long?” There was an eagerness in his voice.
I debated whether or not to tease the sheriff, but first and foremost, I needed to find Sarah. I let my trademark smug grin take over and left my entertainment for later. “Don’t know, depends.” I started to leave, then made a quick turn back “By the way, any chance you’ve seen a cantankerous blonde cowgirl around?”
His brows raised in question as he laughed. “Why yes, actually. Is she wanted?” He was almost too hopeful and it made me suspicious. “I can have her here in twenty minutes.”
What did Sarah get herself into now? “No, no. We’re old friends. She mentioned she might be headed this way, but I didn’t know if she’d still be around. Don’t tell her you saw me. I always like to surprise her,” I teased with a wink.
“Very well. You can probably find her at the saloon later,” he said a little deflated.
I tipped my hat in thanks. “See ya round Sheriff.” I stepped outside and strolled around the quiet little town before stopping at the barns. The old man pointed me toward the saloon for food and rooms. Apparently in this town all things led to the saloon. Good thing, because I was ready for a drink.


I am excited to say that the editing progress is on track for a mid-late July release. More details to come, including a few giveaways. You can follow along here, on twitter or facebook.

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