Off and Running…


This is my first blog post, as you probably noticed and I am now off and running down the path of publishing my first novel. The book is a lesbian, fiction, western romance. This has been a long road and I have much still to learn, but I’m excited about what lies ahead and I’ve enjoyed every bit of the learning to this point.

That’s what life is all about right? Little journey’s over the course of our lives that all add up to one big story when it’s all over. As my wife constantly, though not always happily, reminds me, I like to keep things interesting, so here we are.

I fell into writing by accident just two years ago, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have fallen in love with it and couldn’t wait to share the first excerpt of “Somewhere Between Love and Justice” that I posted for review.

You can meet gunslinger Sarah Sawyer here

Thanks for visiting, feel free to come back often and any reviews of the above excerpt are welcomed, good or bad. I love them all.

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