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Hello everyone!

Today I am excited to introduce a new author to the lesbian fiction world, and give a copy of her book away, but first, a quick announcement. This Saturday March 20, from 9am-9pm EST, the Facebook group Lesbian Fiction Campfire is hosting “Herstory”, a day of readings and zoom Q&A’s from authors of historical fiction, myself included. Hop over and join the group HERE.

Now, without further ado, meet Emersyn Grey.

  • Hello, Emersyn, and welcome! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Emersyn Grey. I’m a lesfic author who just released my debut novel, Hot For Teacher. I live in the Midwest with my wife and our three dogs. Most days I work in web design, but my free time is spent photographing nature and spending time with my family. I’ve recently gotten back into writing and am looking forward to the stories that are yet to come. Back when we could all leave the house and do stuff, my wife and I went to as many concerts as we could. Live music is a wonderful thing. 

  • Yes, it is! I miss concerts. What made you decide to publish your first book?

Hot For Teacher was released at the end of February. I decided to publish it because it was such a fun project, and I really wanted to share it with the world. It’s a steamy but sweet romance about Riley Stephens, a professor whose life is impacted by an outing to what she thinks is a strip club.

When she meets a beautiful blonde Mistress named Lakin, Riley’s immediately taken by her. She thinks it will be a one time visit, but Lakin reappears where Riley least expects it. The two must navigate their growing feelings amidst their busy lives in hopes of finding true love. It’s got some real steam to it at times, but it’s a love story at heart. I had a great time writing it, and I hope the readers enjoy it as well! 

  • I’m sure they will. How long have you been writing?

I wrote a lot when I was younger, but it wasn’t anything I really shared with people. Now that I’m older, I’ve picked it back up as a fun hobby. I’ve been writing for the last couple of years, but not consistently. I’ve only just started writing again with any sense of regularity. I look forward to having more stories to share soon. 

  • What do you love most about writing?

I love getting to discover the story as it unfolds. I don’t always have the story planned out when I start. Sometimes I only have a scene idea in my head, and the rest of the story just kind of pours itself out onto the page. It’s a fun process. Other times, I have an outline of the story for chapters in advance so I can set up something the way I want, and the story has to revolve around that. Its enjoyable to see how differently each story presents itself. 

  • What is your favorite genre(s) to read?

I’ve recently been re-immersing myself in lesbian romance. I’ve always been a Stephen King fan, so the horror/thriller genre is a favorite. I’m still trying to figure out the lesfic thriller that’s in my head, but it’s not fleshed out enough yet. I really can’t wait for that one to be real though. It’s a genre that I have not been able to find much. 

  • Favorite show to binge watch?

Oh man, there are too many! I’d have to say, Lost Girl is very dear to me. That show will always have a special place in my heart, and I’ll rewatch it any day. I watch a lot of Law and Order: SVU, but I don’t know if you would say it’s binge watching. I do enjoy watching true crime type shows on Netflix, so that’s been my latest couple of binges. 

  • Lost Girl all the way! Still my favorite as well. Okay, time to dish. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’ve got a hell of a sweet tooth. Cookies, chocolate, sour candy… That’s my guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn’t have them, but they’re just so yummy! That’s pretty much the best way to bribe me if you need something, especially tech support, and my family knows this! 

  • Noted! What are you working on next?

I’m working on a story that’s been in my head for a while now but just hasn’t presented itself clearly enough. I’m finally putting some shape to it. This one will have a little more angst and drama, but it’s a love story when you get down to it. I’m a romantic at heart, so that’s what I hope to share with my readers. 

  • Thank you for joining us today, Emersyn. I wish you much success and hope to hear more from you soon.

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you all enjoy Hot For Teacher!

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Winner will be drawn April 1, 2021.



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  1. The first Lesfic book I read was Intersection by Nancy A Healy. It took me until I was 54 years old to find the Lesfic writing on line & that led me to Alex & Cassidy’s story. I still love this book & have reread the series several times!

  2. My first lesfic book was Departure from the Script by Jae, I then went on to read the whole Series. I was always kind of sad though that Amanda and Michelle’s story was the shortest book.

  3. The first Lesfic I read was Sydney Gibson. It all started on the fabric website. Reading all stories on list girl. I loved all those writers including SW Andersen.

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