Hello everyone!

It’s February and 2018 is well underway. So far, I’ve not made much progress on getting back in shape, but I did get my taxes done. Now, if my wife and I can only build our IKEA bedroom set before March, I’d say we were off to a great start!

A few notes before we get to this month’s exciting Meet & Greet. I’ve been working on adapting my first novel, “Somewhere Between Love and Justice” into a screenplay and if you didn’t see my announcement on Twitter or Facebook, I’m ecstatic to say it was named a winner at the Women’s Film and Script Showcase! You can read the first ten pages and…time for my monthly shameless plug…if you’re looking to produce a film this year, this one is available for option. You know I had to throw that out there.

Just a reminder that the ReadOut Lesbian Literary Event is coming up on Feb. 16-18 in Gulfport, Fl. More than a dozen authors will be attending and reading. A workshop is also planned for Sunday as well as a panel discussion. If you’re interested in attending, all the details can be found at READOUT2018.

And, if reading more lesfic is one of your goals, don’t miss out on your chance to read and win with Jae’s Lesbian Book Bingo all year long. A ton of authors and publishers,including myself, are in on the prizes. All the details are HERE and you might just discover some new favs along the way.

Now, let’s Meet & Greet the diversely talented author and illustrator, Missouri Vaun, whose latest novel, “Love at Cooper’s Creek” was just released on February 1st by Bold Strokes Books. From sci-fi and romance to graphic novels and comics, there is something for everyone in Vaun’s arsenal to enjoy. I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of her books (I’m currently reading “Birthright”)  and each one brings something special that sucks me in. And if butch characters are on your wishlist, she delivers those as well. That little writing studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains stays pretty darn busy.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.




Love at Cooper’s Creek

Successful, but suffocated by the demands of her corporate career, Shaw Daily walks out on it all.  She returns to her grandparents’ rural property in Cooper’s Creek, North Carolina

with a plan to hide out and reboot her life to be simple and stress free. But escapism eludes her when her attentions are captured by small town beauty, Kate Elkins.

Kate has spent almost her entire life in Cooper’s Creek. For Kate, the bonds of small town life are a source of strength and comfort. When her aging mother weakens, Kate takes a leave from teaching to care for her. Romance is the last thing on her mind when she bumps into her unrequited teen crush, Shaw Dailey just back from California. Long-buried feelings resurface for Kate, but all Shaw sees is a beautiful woman saddled with the responsibilities she is finally free from.

Vaun spent a large part of her childhood in southern Mississippi, before attending high school in North Carolina and college in Tennessee. Strong connections to her roots in the rural South have been a grounding force throughout her life. Vaun spent twelve years finding her voice working as a journalist in places as disparate as Chicago, Atlanta and Jackson, Miss., all along filing away characters and their stories. Her novels are heartfelt, earthy; speak of loyalty and our responsibility to others.

She and her wife currently live in Northern California.

You can find all of Missouri’s works, including her new release “Love at Cooper’s Creek,” at Bold Strokes Books and be sure to follow for all the happenings at: