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It’s May already? 2021 is cruising right along. I feel so far behind. I promised a return to featuring authors, so today I’d like to introduce you to Linda North. Linda enjoys letting her imagination run wild in the scifi romance genre. Her latest is a revision of her novel Deep Merge: An Interstellar Romance. I truly enjoyed both the concept and the characters. Always in awe of those who can build worlds, I love what Linda did with NaQuin Nali. If you’re looking to escape the reality of Earth for a few hours, look no further for a great read.

Hello Linda. Thank you for joining us. First up, why did you decide to revise Deep Merge?

The revised edition is Deep Merge: An Interstellar Romance. Deep Merge’s first draft was started in 2010 and after many changes, published initially in April 2014 by Sapphire. In late 2019, I worked on adding more detail to Toni and Kaesah’s personalities and their interactions with each other. Also, I wanted to include an epilogue that gave a glimpse of seven years into their future and a glimpse of  what was occurring on Earth and NaQwi. The epilogue is based on a short story about their future together on the planet NaQwi Nali and was published in an anthology a few years back. I added a glossary of all the NaQwin proper names mentioned in Deep Merge and their meanings. Kaesah’s name in NaQwin means Ocean Zephyr. Atimki’s name means Moonless Night. 

How would you describe your writing style?

Seat of the pants. I like writing in 3rd person and giving each main character or important supporting character a voice.

Do you have a writing ritual or special place you like to write at?

In my extra bedroom with the door closed and instrumental music playing on low volume. 

Tell us about your WIP.

I have around 15,000 words I started writing in late 2018 that I intend getting back to. No date set. It’s a scifi taking place in current times but on another planet. 

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and how do you take it?

Coffee with a bit of almond milk. Hot cocoa at night around three times a week.

Care to share your guilty pleasure?

Sweets. Candy, cake, pies. Chocolate anything.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Read my Kindle and watch scifi related programs on Youtube and the History Channel. 

Do you prefer writing fantasy/scifi? Why?

My novels are romances in a fantasy or scifi setting. Fantasy and scifi gives free rein to my imagination. I can create new worlds and imagine places here on Earth where the ancient gods and ancient civilizations still exist as in my novel Wind and Dreams.

Thank you for joining us, Linda. I look forward to your next book. Read the synopsis for DEEP MERGE: AN INTERSTELLAR ROMANCE below, then follow the link to grab a copy of your own.

Kaesah, a geneticist from an all-female species living on the other side of the galaxy, is stranded on Earth when her mate, who was vital in piloting their starship, dies. Kaesah must report the disturbing events on Earth that could impact the survival of her species. Kaesah has no choice but to find a human woman capable of Deep Merge, a process required to guide her ship through the galaxy and to her planet. Can Kaesah overcome her aversion to humans to form a bond with one? 

Antonia Lorne, Toni, is mourning the death of her wife. Retiring to bed one night on the promise to herself to start living again, Toni will awaken in a starship with a new course for her life charted. Reluctantly, she enters an agreement with Kaesah to Deep Merge, not knowing all of the ramifications.

Two women, from different worlds, must learn to trust the other, not only for the future of their planets but also for their own future.

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Linda North is an unabashed romantic who likes to place my characters in exotic settings. All my stories have happy endings. I live with my wife and furbabies in Florida.

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