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Hello again everyone!

I hope March has been kind and that those of you in the stormy areas are faring well. I am happy to report some great progress on my next book, The Love Doctor (another sneak peek below). The talented Cindy Bamford is hard at work on the cover and I’ve had nice feedback from some Beta readers. Now I am polishing up my final draft for editing. It won’t be long now boys and girls.

In other news, I’ve won my latest battle with my technology and have my screenwriting software up and running again (I hate Windows 10). I am looking into freshening up my website and getting a newsletter going. I managed to workout 7 of the last 10 days without major setbacks and am excited to say I did 7 straight minutes on this elliptical-like thingy that’s like running in water. Whew! It’s a real ass kicker! Sadly, however, I haven’t made it past the 1:45 min mark on my Stealth Plankster. Speaking of killers, my abs are begging me to give up. But I’m nothing if not persistent. Gotta have goals…

Captain Marvel- just see it. Then, see it again. There’s nothing I don’t love about it. Heck, I hope to see it a third time in theatres. Brie Larson nailed it. Just a few weeks until we can see her again with the Avengers and I couldn’t be more excited. >:D

Also, I was somehow inspired to try my hand at a poem. Not sure where it came from, but I’m pretty proud of myself for doing something new. I’m hoping it means I’ve unlocked some creativity on a couple of stalled ideas. Love to hear your thoughts on it and I had also tweeted for others to offer role models that embody strength. If you have one in mind, please share it here, twitter or facebook.



Okay, so on to answering reader questions. These have been submitted over the last couple of months. Thank you to everyone who sent them in.

Why do you like to blog?

To be honest, it was a real struggle at first, but then I began to enjoy the challenge of coming up with topics or interview questions. Blogs can be anything, and I am all about the freedom to roam.

Is writing something you’ve always done? Did you write as a child?

Not really. Only things required for school, so short stories and such. I was all about sports and was always outside and on the move. Writing popped up out of the blue six years ago and I’ve been working steadily on improving ever since. I really enjoy the problem solving of getting from point A to point B. It is also great to step out of the real world for a bit and create a world I’d like to live in.

Who are your favorite authors?

I’ve found some wonderful lesfic writers, with Lee Winter, Missouri Vaun, and Jae being just a few I’ve really enjoyed. There’s so many more I want to explore, though. Outside of LGBTQ, I enjoy Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe. I do enjoy some autobiographies on occasion, but mostly (when not reading for work) I read to escape–so sci-fi, spy, and happily ever afters.

Have you ever considered writing an otherworldly paranormal story?

I wouldn’t rule anything out if I had a solid idea. It would be a wonderful challenge. I do actually have a post-apocalyptic idea and a sci-fi one, but needs a bunch of development.

Favorite drink?

As far as non-alcoholic goes, I mostly drink water these days, though I do enjoy a Coke, ginger ale, or root beer on occasion. Oh, and Limeade in summer. As far as spirits go, I love whiskey drinks. Preferably without soda. Old Fashioned. Whiskey Smash. Whiskey Sour. Or a good Scotch.

What makes you most comfortable when you write? ie: place, music…

Oh boy…this may be weird but I actually like my headphones on and standing at a table. Or, when I can write in the morning, all snuggly in my robe in my office.

How do you get all the feelings in your writing? Are they personal experience? Other people’s experience?

Great question. There’s definitely some personal experience in there. There’s also “putting myself in someone else’s shoes.” Research. Movies. TV. Something a friend went through. They all shape ideas. I always struggle with whether or not they come out right, but like everything else in life, there is no “one size fits all.” Like my current work in progress about a widow finding love again, I’ve learned there’s no right answer, but everyone has an opinion, and in that, everyone has had different experiences. So, I try to go with what I hope to convey in the story as well as what feels right for that character. With that said, being new’ish to writing, it has definitely been one of the biggest areas I’ve worked on in my writing.

Which of your stories is your favorite?

Oh boy…I do love Sarah Sawyer, so the westerns are probably my first love, but my last book, This Time, is really special to me. The idea that love goes on and on just gives me hope that what I am lucky enough to have here carries on, and if by chance it ends poorly, there will be another shot at happiness. I know it’s a touchy subject for many, but whether that next chance comes in heaven or another life, it makes no difference to me.

I’m also finding a soft spot for my newest book which deals with the topic of losing a spouse. I’m hoping I did the topic justice and that maybe, possibly, this book will bring a little light into someone’s life when they read it.

Thank you again for the questions. Now here’s another scene from my WIP.

Excerpt from The Love Doctor:

Warm lips on skin scattered soft kisses across the expanse of her stomach. Sofia arched up, her body aching for so much more. “I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered, then followed with a moan that rippled of pleasure.

“I’ve been right here. I will always be right here.”

A wet tongue traced slow circles around her hardened nipple, setting every cell on fire. “Please stay with me, Kylar. Don’t leave me again.”

“I promised you forever and then some.”

Mouths melded. Tongues danced. Delicate fingers found their way to a familiar place, one that lit Sofia up like an inferno and warmed her from head to toe, swirling in her belly and filling her soul with unimaginable love and happiness. They belonged together. Even after so long apart, nothing felt more right. But Sofia would have to wait before she could truly hold her wife again.

Her breath fell hostage to the onslaught of emotions. Tears pricked the corner of her eyes. A stray broke free.

Sofia bolted upright in bed, ripped from sleep by the pain of a love lost. Dark bangs fell across her eyes, doing nothing to corral the tears stampeding down flushed cheeks. Heavy sobs struck like earthquakes, rendering her powerless to do anything besides let them run their course.

It had all felt so real. The scorching trail of Kylar’s fingers continued to heat her skin even as the dream faded. That sweet, fruity taste of the Napa blush her wife had sipped each night still lingered on her lips. Her smell, so sweet with hints of vanilla and honey, tickled her nose and sent her heart to the races. She dared glance at the picture on her nightstand of their wedding day. Perfect blushing brides. The picture of happiness and vitality. Then one day, it was all gone.

Sofia fell back, collapsing onto the soft pillow-top and then rolled onto her side, covering her head with her extra pillow to shut out the rest of the world. It had been a long time since she’d had a dream that intense and it rocked her to her core. A piece of her was gone. Loneliness and pain set in, something she had long since overcome. Or so she’d believed.

She despised feeling so weak, so helpless, so incomplete. Her body shuddered as a ragged breath escaped. Closing her eyes and taking slow, deep breaths, she fought to relax, but one question kept repeating in her mind—will I ever feel whole again?


There it is, another sneak peek at what’s to come. More details on release dates when I have them, but we are getting closer. Hope you enjoyed the Q & A and I am always happy to answer questions at anytime. Just hit me on one of the many options to connect.

Until then, thank you for reading and I wish you all the best,


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